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112                             INSCRIPTIONS OF KANISHK1 AND

part in the protracted straggle ; but Hie reigning homes of MatirarA and Elash-
mir acknowledged a common enemy in Krishna, and th« fact appears to have
conduced to a friendly feeling between the two families, which lasted for many
generations. Thus we read in the Baj4"Tarangini (IV., 512)* that when
Jayapida} who reigned over Kashmir at the end of the eighth century after
Christ, built his new capital of Jayapnra, a stately temple was founded there
and dedicated to Mahadeva under the title of Achesvara, by Acha, the son-in-
law of Pramoda^ the king of Mathnra.f

Three inscriptions have been found bearing the name of Kanishka.J Of
these one is dated 9, another 28 ; in the third the year has unfortunately been
broken away. The memorials of his successor, the Maharaja Hnvis!ika,'§ are

more numerous, and the dates range from SB to 50. In one instance, however,
the gift is distinctly made to the king's Yihara, which does not necessarily
imply that the king was still living at the time ; and the same may have been
the intention of the other inscriptions ; since the grammatical construction of
the words, which give the king's name and titles in the genitive case, is a little
doubtful, the word upon which they depend not being clearly expressed.
HuTishka was succeeded by Yasudeva, who, notwithstanding his purely Indian
name, must be referred to the same dynasty^ since ordinarily he is honoured
with the same distinctive titles, Makdrdja Mdjatirdja Devaputra; and for
Devaputra is in one legend substituted Shdhi, by which the Indo-Scythian
Princes were specially distinguished. On go-Id coins, moreover, his name is
given in Greek characters, Basodeo.

f I hare not been, able to trace Mag Pmaoda's name elsewiifire.   He may hare been one of

the seven N%a (or, according to another MS., Mamm) princes, whom the Yayu Parana men-
ticra§ £& destined to reign orer Mathnrl—

fl The serm IS^m will possess the pleasant city of Matter*."
% On Mi eotoi MB name appeajs in the form Eaoexki.
§ Qn mim tba mam HntlAka in glrm as OoerM.